Motivational Video In Niche Dog Topic In Production

Dog Motivational Video

I’m currently buried in work with a new motivational video project in a niche dog training topic for the last few days.  The shooting of the video and audio was completed over three days as my voice is now shot.  The main editing of the video will take the entire weekend at least.

With the success of my dog litterbox training book, ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs‘, it was a natural, logical progression to offer either an audio or video version. Other books that I already previously published like my personal growth book ‘The Life Champion In You’ and a book about getting pharmaceutical sales jobs both have audio versions. In both of these other titles, the audio versions have been received quite well as a good portion of the readers do prefer to listen rather than just to read.

Why It Is Considered A Motivational Video

This is a motivational video in many respects because it’s about an area in the dog world that many dog owners out there (as well as the general public) is not aware of, i.e, that dogs can be taught to use a dog litterbox much like a cat.  This gives many dog owners out there a practical option and therefore the motivational aspect of it.  It will help many new dog owners especially become successful with their new puppies which would in turn reduce dog ownership failure and the number of unwanted animals left at the shelters.

I just happen to have trained all of my dogs this way since 1979 and therefore would be considered qualified to do such a project.  Since the book version has been well received, it was time to bring out a video version, a motivational video that is.

Dog Litterbox Training Motivational Video To Be Released

More details of this dog litterbox training project were posted at my dog blog.  The book version of this dog motivational video will also be included as part of the overall package. So the entire video version will be like an upgraded version of the original book.  In the meantime, a free video on basic dog obedience training is available at my dog website.

dog litterbox training motivational video
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