Motivational Thoughts From Inspirational Video

Motivational Thoughts From Inspirational Video

Here’s a really neat inspirational video about how just some changes to a few words on a sign changed the fortunes for a blind man.  There are some really motivational thoughts from this clip.

It really proves to us that although there are many ways to say certain things as we try to get our points across to people, it does matter on how you say it or how you write the words.  Different words and phrases can definitely have very different impact on different people.

My Motivational Thoughts From This

Some of the motivational thoughts from this particular inspirational video is that I’m motivated to be more careful in my own selection of wording in how I say things or write about things to people.  There are ways to increase the impact or effectiveness of what I want to convey.  Of course, if I’m not careful, my words can have an opposite effect on people and this is actually rather common for many people out there.

Haven’t we all stuck our foot in our mouths at some time?  We really do have to put more thought into what we say and write on a daily basis and this inspirational video has certainly prompted me to do this.

Here’s the video;

What Motivational Thoughts Do You Get From This?

What about you?  When you see this inspirational video, what motivational thoughts do you get from this?  I’ve already shared mine so I would love to hear about your impressions too.

Feel free to enter your comments below as well as to share this blog post with others to get their motivational thoughts on this as well.

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    Wow, this is a great share. Thanks for the motivation. 🙂