Motivational Stories Are Useful For Rotary Clubs And Lions Clubs

#rotary #lionsclubs #kiwanis — Although I have spoken at over 50 community service clubs such as Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis, I no longer visit them on a regular basis to do talks since I’ve already been through much of the local circuit.  However, I still would visit the odd club from time to time if I haven’t been to a particular club to speak yet.

Last night was such an example as I went to the other side of town to speak at a fairly new Rotary club that I haven’t been to before.  I did a short version of my signature motivational speech.  Even the short version which is only about 20 minutes (compared to my usual one hour full program that I normally do for companies and organizations), there are numerous motivational stories within it.

It’s interesting because just before I went on for my talk at this particular Rotary club, they just went over their new budget for the upcoming year.  It was filled with community service type of projects that their members wanted to do as well as the amounts of funding that will take to do each project.

It was an ambitious budget for a new Rotary club but the members were keen on these projects which were both local as well as international.  Of course there was some concern about how they were going to come up and raise the money for these projects.

My talk came at just the right moment after their ambitious budget exercise.  The members found that the motivational stories that I presented during my talk helped inspire them to not only pursue the various projects on their budget, but also their personal goals for the year.

So it turns out that the motivational stories from my talk are very useful for members of any community service club like Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions International to hear especially if they have ambitious goals.  I am still willing to come out to community service clubs in the greater Toronto area to do a short version of my motivational speech if I haven’t been to certain clubs before.  Just contact me if you are from such a community type of club and you wish to inquire about having me speak at your meeting.

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