Motivational Speeches Are Series Of Inspirational Short Stories

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My motivational speeches are really a series of inspirational short stories that have key messages for personal growth along with some hopefully crowd-pleasing martial arts demonstrations.  That’s the brand of presentations I’ve developed over time.

It doesn’t matter whether I do an hour long presentation like I do for companies and associations, 40 minute versions like I’ve done for Toastmasters conferences or even short 20 minute versions I’ll do for community service clubs like Rotary and Lions clubs.  The time I’m allotted will determine the actual number of inspirational short stories I get to present.

I find this to be the best way to present certain key messages to help people in the audience for their personal growth.  To demonstrate these success principles with related inspirational short stories since the stories are the elements that will likely help people remember what is taught.

The same structure is used in my book ‘The Life Champion In You‘ as each important principle is described through numerous examples and stories from real life so people can related to them readily.  These would be the same stories that influenced me to do what I have to do in order to achieve success in life.

I feel an enormous sense of satisfaction when I can help people through my talks and books, especially in person like in a live presentation.  There’s the audience interaction which both the audience members and I as the speaker really appreciate.

In fact, in addition to the motivational speeches themselves, a very enjoyable moment for me is the time after a talk when I get to meet audience members one on one.  Below is a photo of at a recent talk I did as I’m meeting with a few audience members after a motivational speech.  This is when I sign books, exchange business cards and chat with others in an informal atmosphere after my presentations – notice the ski boot on the table which I used as a prop during my talk.

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  • Yes, inspiration is necessary to live a successful life. Nice to read your post. thanks.

  • I used to listen attentively inspirational talks so that I can get encouragement from it. Sometimes dryness came into our lives and that we need to read inspirational quotes and stories to lift our spirit up.