Motivational Speech Feedback From Aerospace Company

#motivational #motivation —  I did my motivational speech keynote at an aerospace company located right here in my hometown of Mississauga this week and here is some feedback from the organizer of the event.

“The motivational speech given by Clint Cora was exceptional. His speech was sincere, full of energy and was both entertaining and informative.  The message, to reach your full potential one step at a time, was easy to remember and apply – and will have positive implications in our personal and professional lives.  Thank you Clint, for an inspiring presentation.”

David Lam, Control Systems Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace

It was a really great event do to for a rare lunch time period at a company.  Since it was a technology company, there were some steps that had to be taken in order to get into the facility as a guest speaker.  I had to give them some personal information in advance for their security check and there were no outside cameras allowed.

I also had to show them my laptop computer upon arrival and get it registered but when security saw that I had an Apple Mac, they decided not to look for the serial number since all of their onsite computers at the facility were Dells.

I have gone through similar security precautions and checks before when speaking at some other companies so this was not a big deal or surprise to me.  It’s all part of the travels for a motivational speaker at corporations.

I love speaking at companies because the audience tends to be a professional crowd eager to learn for their careers as well as personal lives.  Not only do they pay attention, but they will likely be the ones that implement the suggestions I offer during my motivational speech keynotes.

For more information on my motivational speech and diversity talks, see my Speaking Programs section.

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