Motivational Speaker Finds Inspirational People In Audiences

#motivational #inspirational  —-    Although I have my own and talk about heroes that inspire me when I do my talks, I find that as a motivational speaker, I often end up meeting inspirational people right there among my own audiences.  I enjoy hearing about what their goals are and how they are making commitments to achieve them.

Listening to audience members tell me about how I’ve helped them during my talks also inspire me to keep doing what I do as they are confirmations that sharing my experiences with people are helpful to others.

Here are some nice comments I’ve received from inspirational people very recently after my talks as a motivational speaker.

Today he came and spoke for 45 minutes and intrigues all of us, absolutely with inspiration – all these little slogans, all these little bits of information that we can carry along with us over into the real world.”

Andrew Mallouk, President of Orangeville Toastmasters

“Definitely becoming a Life Champion in myself as Clint Cora has put it so graciously.  Honestly I can really say that Clint Cora, he is truly one of the upcoming motivational speakers that everyone can look forward to seeing. His very linear thinking, very simple — they bring you from a stagnant point to growth and I couldn’t thank him enough for coming today.”

Thomas Wall, Fitness Instructor

“On some occasions in the past I’ve noticed a number of members nodding off during some of our speaker’s presentations. Not so during yours.  Your very enthusiastic, energetic talk held the interest of our group and made the 45 minutes fly by.  The applause and feedback from our members indicates they very much enjoyed it.  I’m sure many members took home some positive points from  your talk that will be passed on to family and friends. I will be heartily recommending you to other groups needing a quality speaker.  Many thanks again.”

Bob Ion, Speaker Co-ordinator, Probus Club of Brantford

Although I am taking July and August to work on my next book, I am willing to come out and do the odd talk this summer.  My speaking schedule will get busy again for the fall season starting in September so if you have a group that is interested in having a motivational speaker come during the summer, it’s a good opportunity to catch me while my slate is relatively open.  Just contact me at my motivational speaker website.  It’s always nice to meet more inspirational people.

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