Motivational Speaker At Toastmasters Anniversary Event

#toastmasters #motivational #motivationalspeaker — Here’s a photo taken when I was the guest motivational speaker for the Phoenix Toastmasters 30th Anniversary event last week.  There are a very well established and thriving Toastmasters club and the number of ribbons on their banner seen in the photo certainly is evidence.  I was therefore quite honoured to be part of their anniversary event.

In addition to companies, associations, colleges, schools and other groups, I am open to presenting my motivational keynotes to Toastmasters clubs in order to help them out, usually as open house events to build club memberships.  Interested Toastmasters clubs, especially in the southern Ontario area can contact me to see if similar events with me as a keynote speaker are feasible.

toastmasters motivational speaker keynote

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