Motivational Keynote Speakers Video This Week

Motivational Keynote Speakers Video

I’m going to share with my readers my new motivational keynote speakers video this week as I’ve been caught up on a busy project and was not able to produce a Motivational WebTV episode.  Instead of an episode this week, I’m going to show my global readers a demo video with excerpts from some of my live speaking engagements.

This will give viewers another perspective of some of the personal growth topics I usually cover in my Motivational WebTV series.  Although the concepts are similar, the overall atmosphere will always be a bit different in front of a live audience as the energy is usually higher as well.

Here is the motivational keynote speakers demo video for your entertainment this week;

You will notice that the video footage is quite fast paced and even included some video feedback from real audience members from my past talks.  Most of the speaking engagements in this motivational keynote speakers video were from my ‘The Life Champion In You’ talk but there were a few from my ‘Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success’ talk as well since diversity is my other main keynote topic.

Share Motivational Keynote Speakers Video With Meeting Organizers

If you know of any meeting organizers who could use either a motivational speaker or a diversity speaker (or both), please forward them this blog post so that they can see this video as well.  You can also send them to my Speaking Programs section at my website which also has this same motivational keynote speakers video along with more details of my keynotes.

Meanwhile, I will be shooting the next Motivational WebTV video this week so that we will see a new episode next week.  If you missed any of the past fifty episodes (that’s right, there are actually 50 shows so far!), just go to the Motivational WebTV Archive.

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