Motivational Inspirational Speaker TV Special To Air In April

Motivational Inspirational Speaker TV

We still have to wait a painful two weeks before the motivational inspirational TV special that Rogers TV shot last month with me airs later this month. I was the guest speaker for a large Probus club at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga in March and the cameras from Rogers TV were there to shoot my entire motivational keynote for the audience of approximately 80 people.

Rogers TV will air the show on April 18 and 24. I’ll confirm the actual air times soon. I’m really looking forward to this special because this is the first time that one of my motivational inspirational speaker keynote presentations have been shot with two different cameras from two different angles at the same time. I’m really curious to see how their production crew edited the video footage.

From my observation, this event was also where the largest video cameras were on location for any of my talks so far to date. So I’m assuming that the resulting video quality will be the best I’ve ever seen so far from my talks so far.

Hope To Share Motivational Inspirational Speaker Video

I hope to be able to share parts of this video with everyone across the globe in some way after the show airs on Rogers. I realize that not everyone here will be able to view the shows while they air so I’ll work on making at least some or all of the footage accessible to people.

It’s the wait for the show to air that really makes things hard here. I’ll just have to keep watching the calendar and keep busy at other things during this waiting period. As soon as I hear more about air times, I will announce them here so please stay tuned.

Meanwhile, enjoy my Motivational Video WebTV episodes and for next week, I’ll have a great show to share that includes the ski video footage from my final day on the slopes this winter for your entertainment.

motivational inspirational speaker tv
Creative Commons License photo credit: drunken_irishman

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