Motivational CD Program Feedback

Motivational CD Program

There are folks out there who prefer to listen to audio rather than read.  There are also those who listen and read the same books in order to absorb the content better since the combination of the two learning methods often result in better retention.

This is why I brought out the motivational CD audio version of my book ‘The Life Champion In You’.  Since it’s launch, I am continually amazed by just how many people do buy it rather than go for the printed softcover book.  They are both the same content.  In fact, the audio version has a bonus CD which has the ebook PDF file of the book so the text is also included with this set.

Here is some feedback of the motivational CD audio program from Billy Hall of Cookville, Texas, USA;

“Now is the time to experience the greatest YOU possible; a true champion. ‘The Life Champion in You’ has lifted me up and changed the way I see myself today.   I listen to the CD version of the book while I drive to International Toastmasters meetings in Dallas. That’s a two hour drive that I’m always eager to make.”

He continues with more;

“Clint shares the positive parts of himself and his journey and I am discovering the same championship thinking within myself. I’ve learned to make a totally committed decision, to expand my comfort zones, to get past complications, to build on little successes and to never give up. I highly recommend ‘The Life Champion In You’ to everyone. If you want it, it’s right here.”

Of course, I thank Billy for his feedback on my motivational CD program and hope it continues to offer insight to his life.  For more details on both this audio version as well as the original printed softcover book version of ‘The Life Champion In You’, see my Books and Audio webpage.

motivational cd audio program

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