Motivation Video Of US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Midway – Motivational WebTV #16

Motivation Video Of Aircraft Carrier

Sometimes it’s some of man’s big inventions and how such inventions are actually managed by a large team of people that can really turn out to be a big source of motivation for us.  And motivation is something that we can always use, right?  Do I have a special treat for you today in this episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV.  If you have never seen the inside of a real US Navy aircraft carrier before, you will really enjoy this motivation video.

During my recent trip to southern California for a mini-speaking tour, I was able to spend some time on the USS Midway, a decommissioned US Navy aircraft carrier now a floating museum in San Diego.  It was enormous and I made sure I brought along my camcorder to shoot video footage for a special episode of Motivational WebTV.

In addition to the scenes showing you the various parts of the aircraft carrier, I did the editorial scenes in my hotel room as I related the facts of the USS Midway to a motivational quote by Robert Collier.

Collier’s quote, “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out” not only reflects how the crew of the USS Midway operated, but also pertains to your goals in life as well as you will see in the video.

Combined Motivation Video And Newsletter

This is the first combined issue of Motivational Quotes Success Newsletter which comes out at the beginning of each month and Motivational WebTV.  This combination of course was influenced by the results of my recent poll in order to accommodate both people who prefer text newsletters and those who prefer watching a motivation video.

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I hope you get a real kick out of watching this special episode as much as I did while going through this big ship when I was in San Diego earlier this summer.

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