Motivation To Save Money On Pet Medications Was Stronger

Like many other pet owners out there, I’ve started to use an online pet pharmacy to save money on pet medications for my two dogs.  Of course, one of the roadblocks was that I had to obtain a written prescription from my vet.  This would result in lost income on the vet’s behalf since the vet clinic was no longer dispensing the medication.

Many pet owners probably would feel very uncomfortable in asking their vets for a written prescription especially if there was always a chance that their vet would refuse to provide a prescription outright.  This would turn into an uneasy situation for both the vet and pet owner.

However, my own motivation to save money on pet medications for my dogs, especially since I had two dogs, was higher than the risk of embarrassment.  I took the position that if my vet was so greedy that he insisted on keeping all of the medication business, I would seriouly consider switching vets.  So I took the chance and asked for a written prescription and if asked why, I would simply reply that I wanted to save money.

Fortunately, my vet didn’t have a problem with this since he understood the savings I could get through an online pet pharmacy.  He ended up keeping my loyalty as a patient and I ended up saving a significant amount on expensive heartworm medication for my two dogs.

If you are a pet owner, you just might want to check out my article (and accompanying video) on my experience with an Online Pet Pharmacy.

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