Motivation Techniques Influenced By Anthony Robbins In Motivational WebTV #9

Motivation Techniques By Anthony Robbins

My next Motivational WebTV show and the motivation techniques contained in it are influenced by one of my favourite motivational speakers, Anthony Robbins.  Many people are haunted by a past that they can’t get over and end up using it as an excuse for not being able to find success or happiness but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way at all.  In this episode, I talk about one of Tony Robbins’ principles about your past and future.  It is also the most personal episode I have shot so far because this is the first time in this series that I really talk about my own past history.

The principle and motivation techniques here are probably some of the most important ones you will ever learn for your life.  When I first came across it some years ago, it certainly gave be an ‘ah-ha’ moment.  Fortunately for me, it also confirmed a bit of what I had already been doing but seeing it in print really reinforced things for me further.

I know that it took me awhile in this Motivational WebTV series to finally get into my past but as we are now in episode number nine, it was time to do so and relate it to something that everyone can benefit from for their own lives.

I really hope that this video episode will be uplifting especially to those who really need it.  The quote by Tony Robbins I talk about is so powerful that I used it in my book and audio program ‘The Life Champion In You‘.

On a side note, I was pretty excited the other day to ship another copy of my four-CD audio program to Australia.  It’s great to know that there are people from the other side of the world who is finding me online and benefiting from all the material I offer for personal growth and development.

Motivation Techniques In Video

Now back to this episode.  As you watch this one, it is really helpful if you spend a few minutes to think about how the important lesson from the motivation techniques presented here relates to your own life.  I really do believe that this can be one of those life changing moments if you truly accept the principle from Anthony Robbins.

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