Motivation For Sales Professionals

#sales #business #management  —  I wrote a new article on the need for continued motivation for sales professionals.  All of us need motivation on a regular basis for pursuing our life goals but sales professionals in particular, need to get inspired each day because of the nature of their jobs.  This is true no matter what field or industry.

The article I wrote outlines some of the challenges and obstacles that each sales representative faces almost each working day whether the individual is a real estate agent, pharmaceutical sales rep or in some sort of specialized industrial or technical field of sales.

I was in pharmaceutical sales for fourteen years myself and went through all the obstacles that test sales pros day in and day out.  Of course, if one does well in sales, things can be very satisfying and lucrative.  But one needs to find the motivation to get there.

This is where company management can play a huge role in ensuring that their sales people get the right type of motivation each working day.  After all, a company with a demotivated sales force is not going to do very well in terms of sales figures and may even suffer from staff leaving.

This is such a big area in business that not only do I have the article posted, I’m in the process of planning a special video aimed at sales professionals and management on this subject of motivation.  I haven’t decided whether or not this will be a stand alone video or if it will make it in as a future episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV.  Once I start to get into gear in the development of this video, things will come out to determine which direction it goes.

So those of you who are in sales of some sort out there, stay tuned for news of this special video.  In the meantime, the article called How To Motivate Your Sales Force At Sales Meetings is up.

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