Motivation Facebook Page and Blog Back On November 11

#motivation #motivational —  Since I’m leaving this morning for my Havana trip, this will be the last post I make to both my Motivation Facebook page and my blog as internet access down in Cuba is slow and sketchy.   I probably won’t be able to return online until November 11 when I fly back to Canada.

However, my free subscribers to my newsletters and motivational video series via email will still get something from me next week since it’s already been set on queue with my Aweber autoresponder system.  So make sure you are on my system if you don’t want to miss anything.  Just sign up either at the blog sidebar, the Facebook Free Stuff tab or right at my Clint Cora website.

The Motivation Facebook page will seem like it’s deserted  for the next nine days since I’ve been consistently posting up motivation quotes each day.  Of course, I won’t be able to do this during my trip but if you have any good quotes, feel free to post them up there.

This week’s episode of Motivational WebTV will also be the last one until mid November since even if I get any internet access down in Cuba, it will be way too slow to fool around with video files online.  But as I said, my free subscribers will still get a message from me via email next while while I’m still on my travels.

I do plan to get some awesome video footage of Havana and other parts of Cuba for future episodes of Motivational WebTV as I have my high capacity battery for my camcorder charged and ready.

In the meantime, if you missed any past episodes of my motivational videos, catch them at Motivational WebTV Archive during my absence.

Until November 11 (in the evening), have a good one!


Creative Commons License photo credit: wfeiden

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