Motivation Definition Of Comfort Zone To Achieve Success In Motivational WebTV #4

Motivation Definition Of Comfort Zone

Episode 4 of my Motivational WebTV is up and it introduces my motivation definition and concept of comfort zone to help you achieve success in any area of life.  We often hear about the term ‘comfort zone’ during discussions and presentations about achieving success in almost any field.  I put a slightly different spin on this as I’ve experienced both staying within my own comfort zones as well as expanding them in order to get better at something.

I’ll be discussing comfort zones further in future episodes of Motivational WebTV as well since it is such an important concept to understand in achieving success.  This will hopefully help you in your own journey towards conquering your goals.

Achieving success is usually related to doing something better than we did before and this relates directly to our comfort zones.  I also discuss this concept and my motivation definition in great detail with many different interesting examples in my book The Life Champion In You.  We will be getting into a lot of discussion on comfort zones in future episodes of Motivational WebTV for sure.

Near the end of this episode, I also talk about an online survey I would love you to do.  It’s only 2-3 questions so it’s very short as I’m trying to determine if there are any cities that warrant a visit to put on a possible free motivational talk for the public.  My free subscribers of my Motivation Diversity Success newsletter will be getting the link to this survey but you can access this short survey at Free Motivational Talk Survey.  I thank you in advance for participating and will release the results in a few weeks.

Motivation Definition In Video

In the meantime, enjoy the new episode where I introduce to you my motivation definition of comfort zone as it relates to achieving success.  As always, I welcome your comments at the end of this blog post.  Please be aware that comments are not automatically posted right away as there is a necessary moderation process in order to weed out spam comments.

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