Motivation At Work With Martial Arts Karate Weapon In Motivational WebTV #10

Motivation At Work With Karate Weapon

As a martial artist and motivational speaker, I like to combine some martial arts elements into my talks for added entertainment. I use martial arts to illustrate important points of self improvement during my presentations. One such example is that I show motivation at work with my martial arts weapon karate bo staff at certain points of my talks.  You will see that my own experience with this martial arts weapon will have some direct application to whatever you want to succeed in your life whether it be health related, career or in relationships.

There is a concept I call comfort zone expansion in achieving success in self improvement. A comfort zone is when you are just to set in your own ways and stay within areas that do not allow you to venture out to learn new skills. Although as the term implies, you are very comfortable within your comfort zone, you don’t progress to achieve your goals.

You can usually achieve goals in self improvement only if you learn and develop new skills which will require getting a bit uncomfortable to expand your comfort zone. I use my karate bo staff to show audiences what happened in terms of comfort zone in my own case when I was first training with this martial arts weapon and then later on as it demonstrates motivation at work with more progression.

I then relate the karate bo staff to everything else in life that one wants to do better in. The same principle applies to every different area of life. I like to say that expanding one’s comfort zone is contagious as one can apply the same principle from one area of life to another one.

Motivation At Work In Karate Video

Since my parts of my live talks with the karate bo staff (and other martial arts elements as well) are always so well received, I’ve decided to put this on video with an entire episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV to show my website visitors around the world on what the bo staff is all about as well as motivation at work when I’m using it.

This is actually episode number 10 from my Motivational WebTV series already. I have had a lot of fun producing these episodes so far and I hope this new one will be entertaining and educational for your self improvement. See it below.

Of course as always, your comments about this unique episode featuring motivation at work with my martial arts weapon, the karate bo staff, are welcome at the comments section of this blog as well as on Facebook. If you missed any of the previous nine episodes, just go to Clint Cora Motivational WebTV archive.

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