Motivation At Work For Best Places Of Success Planning In Motivational WebTV #7

Motivation At Work For Success Planning

As you can appreciate, it is very important to sit down and plan out your goals in order to achieve success in anything you want to do in life.  This type of action planning for success should not be taken lightly and for quality work into it, you have to be in the best place or environment to focus.  Some people including myself, find it tough to really focus on success planning at home.  This can result in inadquate planning or even worse, no planning at all.  The end result is that you never end up getting anywhere near completing the goals you want to achieve in life.  Episode 7 of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV is up and it shows motivation at work for some of the best places in my opinion on where to do this type of crucial success planning.

You want to be in the ideal environments to create your action plan which includes what you want to achieve and then the actual steps and timing of these steps to achieve your goals.  If you get distracted at home by children, spouses, pets, televisions and other things, your focus will be off and you may not create the best thought out action plan for yourself.

Motivation At Work At My Best Places

The new Motivational WebTV episode actually takes you into motivation at work at some of my own favourite places to get some good work done when I’m too distracted at home.  I have two lhasa apso dogs at home whom I love very much but I have to admit that they do distract me often as they want my attention.  I have a difficult time saying no to them and as a result, I could lose some valuable time in getting work done.

This is why I sometimes go to some of the places I show in the new episode as they are always places where I could really focus.  The new episode is below on the blog post as well as on the home and multimedia pages of my website.

I hope you like my two dogs as well since they guest star in this episode.  They have been a huge hit in my dog training videos so I thought that it would be neat to have them appear on Clint Cora Motivational WebTV as well.

As always, feel free to leave your comments below about motivation at work in the places I show in this video.

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