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#selfhelp — Here’s another happy reader who sent in her comments on my book ‘The Life Champion In You’ which is now considered my many to be a self help book. I certainly do not have a problem with the book being labeled as self help since that’s exactly what I want to it to do, i,e., to help others.

Melissa Winchester of Stouffville, Ontario, writes,

“Clint Cora has written a fantastic book that provides a logical, organized, and doable path to achieving your goals. Unlike other books of its type, ‘The Life Champion In You’ spends more time on how to achieve success. Clint lays out a great method to keep yourself accountable and motivated as you achieve your goals. He also provides real examples from his and his friends lives that help you understand the importance of his teachings. I look forward to implementing his methodology, tips, and tricks to achieve my life goals.”

“I also loved his use of quotations. These quotations mirror what he is discussing in each chapter and provide extra insight into his key points. I also found the summary of quotes from his book in the conclusion to be very helpful in reminding me of the key learnings.”

Many thanks to Melissa and others who have sent in comments about my books and live talks as well.  More information is available on ‘The Life Champion In You’ as well as all of my books and audio programs.

My self help books and audio CDs can also be part of speaking programs for your meetings where all of your audience members receive copies of my titles.  This is always a great gesture by event organizers and much appreciated by audiences.  This is in the style of Oprah and Dr. Phil TV shows where audiences are always delighted to receive books by the show guests.

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