More Motivational Videos To Be Shot In California

#motivational #california  —-   I’m just planning out my future trip to California in late June where I will be a speaker at a huge college conference in San Diego.  I will have a few days there traveling between Los Angeles and San Diego plus I’ll spend an afternoon south of the border in Tijuana, Mexico as well since I’ve never been there.  Since I will be on the Pacific coast, this will give me a chance to shoot some more motivational videos right be the beaches of California!

This will really be offsite location shooting for my Motivational WebTV series since pretty well all of the show is shot in the Toronto area so far.  It would be really neat to have some scenes and maybe even complete episodes shot elsewhere.

Since we have become so visually oriented online, I figure that some interesting background scenes will only enhance the episodes, especially if they are going to be motivational videos.

I know that there are also some interesting Spanish architecture down in the San Diego area and they might be possible location shots as well.  Of course, there are the theme parks such as SeaWorld, Disney and others but I’m not sure if I want to spend an entire day at one of those.  Besides, I’ve already been to most of the California theme parks down there anyway.

So far, I have 9 episodes of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV completely shot and edited with 7 of them aired.  The next one will be up late next week.  If you haven’t seen any of the 7 episodes already up or missed an episode, you can catch them at an archive webpage for this series of motivational videos.

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