More Diversity Activities In Rural Cuban Travel Video – Motivational WebTV #29

Rural Cuban Travel Video With Diversity Activities

One of the reasons why I travelled to Cuba was to experience personal growth because it’s a place where much of it is possible for us outsiders.  Here is the second episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV featuring video footage of my Cuban travel.  This time, it’s more rural Cuba that I show.  I start out in Havana and journey five hours west to an isolated biosphere location to Maria La Gorda.  You will love the awesome white sandy beach there.  The travel there was part of my overall diversity activities in the country.

For balance, I do give an honest report of my experience with both positives and negatives but overall, I’m glad I had this experience which I never would have had if I didn’t expand my own comfort zone for less than luxurious travel.

Increase Multicultural Diversity Exposure

Since I did get to interact quite a bit with local Cubans, I did increase my multicultural diversity exposure which led to some real personal growth.  This is always a good thing since it makes one more effective in dealing with lots of different types of people out there and this is good from a career point of view.

Here is the video showing more diversity activities I was involved in;

If you missed the first Motivational WebTV episode featuring Cuba, see it at the Havana Cuba Episode.  Of course, all past shows are at my Motivational TV Archive.

I hope you like this current video with rural Cuba since it shows another side of the country.  If you know of others who might be interested in watching such diversity activities, please share it with them via the Facebook, Twitter or email buttons above and below this post.

Third Motivational Video With Cuba To Come

Believe it or not, I still have more video footage from Cuba to share after this episode.  There will indeed be a third episode of Motivational WebTV with additional Cuba footage to come.  In fact, it is already produced and I will release it next week so that all videos from my Cuban travel are out there.

Feel free to comment on this current episode of diversity activities below or at my Motivation Facebook page.

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