May Do Drug Representative Speech This Weekend

Currently, I’m serving as President for a local Toastmasters club in Mississauga here in Ontario.  There’s a chance that we might not have enough speakers at tomorrow’s club meeting so I might jump in and do one of the speeches I can do almost anytime without much preparation and one that has not been presented at my club.  This is my “I Sold Drugs” speech which is a funny recollection of one of my most memorable sales calls during my first year working as a drug representative for a pharmaceutical company.  

I was in the pharmaceutical industry for fourteen years in total working as a drug rep, pharmaceutical sales trainer, drug product marketing manager and a national sales manager.  It was my experience as a pharmaceutical sales manager that allowed me to write the book “How To Get A Dream Job In Pharmaceutical Sales – Direct Inside Advice and Guidance From a Sales Manager”.    This book was written for those individuals who want to get into the industry as a drug representative and sales managers like myself have the most inside knowledge on best ways to break into the pharmaceutical sales field.

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