Martial Arts Champion Appalled By Toronto Shootings

Toronto Shootings

Just on the TV news this week, they reported four incidents of recent Toronto shootings and not surprising, they involved Toronto youth violence.  More than likely, every single one of these shootings were related to some sort of Toronto gang violence and activity.

I’m personally appalled by this of course and I could see it in the eyes and hear it on the voices of the residents who live near these areas where these recent Toronto shootings took place.  Young lives were lost again.  What a crummy way to start the New Year for not only the families of the shooting victims but the local residents as well who I’m sure would love to move out of these neighbourhoods if they could.

Willing To Do My Part To Prevent More Toronto Shootings

I said it recently in a past episode of Motivational WebTV and I will say it again.  If any organization out there has an active interest in advocating against youth violence and crime to reduce the number of future Toronto shootings and lives lost, I am willing to donate my time as a speaker to help do my part.

Here is the video again where I connect youth violence to the lack of emotional intelligence exposure in our young people.

If you know of any organizations or companies that need help on these types of issues affecting our communities, please forward this blog post or video to them.  I live in this community as well so I also have an interest in doing what I can to prevent further Toronto shootings and other youth crime in our city.

The police certainly have their work cut out for them and I hope they also get all the support they need to battle this problem in Toronto.  We don’t need handguns in our city streets especially in the hands of youth.

Feel free to comment on this issue of Toronto shootings, youth violence and other related issues affecting our cities below.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

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