Make Time For Selfhelp Personal Management Independence Day Weekend

#independenceday #july4 #canadaday — Many people in both Canada and the US are taking it easy with some days off for Independence Day July 4 long weekend and Canada Day.  People will be spending some time with family and friends to catch up perhaps since in many cases, quality time is just not possible during usual hectic work weeks.  So there’s nothing wrong with that.  However, a little quality time should also be spent on yourself for your own selfhelp personal management.

Too often, our day to day busy lives do not allow use to sit back and have an objective look at our own life progress.  Now that many of us will have a bit of a break for the usual rush of the work weeks, we should take even 30 to 60 minutes sometime this weekend to see where we are at for ourselves.

Personal management is something that we all have to actively work on as it can’t happen on its own.  Just a little bit of undisturbed time on your own to reflect on goals set for this year and the progress can make a huge difference on how the rest of the year turns out for you.

Excuse yourself from family and friends for only an hour to really go deep into your own action planning can be one of the most valuable selfhelp activities you do.  Now that many of you are away from the office now, you should make it a top priority to find even just that one hour or even 30 minutes by yourself to adjust any action steps that need adjusting for a successful 2010.

I know that I will certainly be doing that this weekend for my own personal management.  After all, you want all those selfhelp resources to be useful rather than have them end up as simply ‘shelf help’.

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