Looking For Conference Speakers?

Conference Speakers

I hope some folks out there are looking for conference speakers.  One of my favourite venues as a speaker is most definitely the conference or convention event.  Personally, I really like the big audience atmosphere especially if events are about some interesting subject areas.  I like the interactions with conference attendees and even with other speakers as well.

I can bring a certain motivational tone and energy to an event and the event can give me an experience as well as audience that I would ever have had if I didn’t get hooked up with a certain conference.  This is always a win – win situation.

Speaker Demo Video For Those Seeking Conference Speakers

Those seeking conference speakers are invited to review my new speaker demo video that I put up on my Keynote Speaking Programs section at my website.  It will give you a good idea what I’m like in front of a live audience as well as some feedback from people who have been in my audiences before.

I can do keynotes in motivation or diversity for a variety of audience types and age groups – the descriptions are divided by type of audience at my speaking programs section.

Toronto Motivational Speakers

Toronto is a big conference city and although I would be willing to travel pretty well anywhere to attend an event, Toronto area conference organizers have the added advantage that I live here.  Therefore, travel will not even be a factor for Toronto motivational speakers like myself.

I will be researching future events soon to see if there are any which I would make a good fit in as part of the lineup.  If you are in the process of recruiting your conference speakers for an event, feel free to contact me so we can discuss possibilities for your event.

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