List Of Cool Diversity Videos

Diversity Videos

I’ve shot quite a lot of diversity videos so far.  A few were episodes of my Motivational WebTV episodes but there are quite a few more separate from the show.  There are videos where I describe my diversity training programs as well as some diversity issues.  There are also quite a few videos of college students and staff who commented on my diversity educational sessions.

Diversity Videos From Motivational WebTV

Diversity Skills For Success

How Chinese Food Builds Relationships

Multicultural Festival Highlights

Increasing Diversity Through Art

How Diversity Skills Can Improve Your Love Life

Havana Cuba Travel

Rural Cuba Beach

Staying At Cuban Casa Particular

Filipino Lunch Diversity

Workplace & College Diversity Videos

Here are some other general diversity videos where I talked about diversity issues in the workplace or on college campuses.

Diversity Discrimination Or Embrace Diversity

Diversity And Martial Arts

Campus Activities Fun

Diversity Works For Dating

I’m sure that this will be a big enough of a list of diversity videos for now.  I still have the ones with the college students feedback and there are a lot of them which I will showcase in another blog post soon.

I plan to keep shooting diversity videos as part of my Motivational WebTV series and will try to schedule a new one every couple of episodes to spread them out a bit.  They are quite fun and will showcase perhaps a different ethnic or cultural aspect each time and relate it to personal growth.

The diversity videos will help bring more awareness and education of the importance of diversity to my viewers who are located all around the world.  With more international travel as well as diverse communities within our countries, diversity is an important issue that we should not ignore.  I consider it part of our modern day personal growth development.

Enjoy the above list of diversity videos and please feel free to comment on any of them below.

Visions of Anthon Beeke
Creative Commons License photo credit: Bart van Damme

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