Sources Of Life Motivation Video With Motivational WebTV Launch!

Life Motivation Video

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions during my motivational talks how I get motivated to achieve my own goals.  As you know, keeping motivated is one of the biggest challenges many people have out there.  It turns out that sources of life motivation are quite abundant out there and now many will be revealed as I actually not only talk about them, but I show you on this life motivation video on what I use in order to get motivated each day.

I am excited to announce that my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV show is being launched today along with this post about life motivation.  The show will be shot on a fairly regular basis and will feature a different motivation video each time, achieving success and even diversity issues.

The premiere episode can be seen right here on this blog (I will post separately for my Facebook Fan page).  This first episode about again is about sources of life motivation video and I talk about why they are important for you in achieving success.  All of us, no matter how successful we are already in our lives, need motivation on a regular basis.

As you will see in this first episode, I don’t use just one single source of life motivation but have several of them for not only variety but also because sometimes I find that some sources will work better than others at different times or days.

As you will see in the video, I use everything from online sources of life motivation to to inspirational posters hanging on my walls to taking seminars to reading books.  These are just some of the ones I use.

Future Motivational WebTV Motivation Video Episodes

In the future, the most current episode can also be viewed right at the top of the homepage with past episodes on a separate motivation video archive page.

This episode does mention motivational posters and calendars since I have several of them on my walls at home. To see great examples, see Motivational Posters and Motivational Calendars.

Enjoy the premiere episode and of course, I welcome comments.

Comments About Motivation Video Welcome

Just enter your comments about this first life motivation video below and if you feel that your friends can most certainly benefit from the ideas in this clip, please share it with them.  They will be thankful for it.

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