Life Coach Recommends Clint Cora Presentation

As you might be aware, life coaches have come into the spotlight in recent times.  Even actor Scott Baio did a reality TV series where he hired a life coach to help him find love and happiness.  Indeed, life coaches do seem to fill a need in society these days.

Although I am a motivational speaker, I have no intention of becoming a life coach myself.  I will not hold any life coaching seminars or offer any type of life coaching for clients in the future.  However, I am open to referring to life coaches if I feel that certain people can benefit from the one on one type of coaching.

As long as the life coach uses concepts and principles that are complementary to my own as described in my book The Life Champion In You, I would have no problems using life coaches as potential partners in this way.  In fact, I would hope that many life coaches out there assign The Life Champion In You as required reading for their clients.

One of the attendees at a weekend event where I was the guest keynote speaker was Britney Shawley, a Toronto area life coach and owner of LEEP Life Coaching.  I discussed with her my stance on life coaches as potential referral partners and she was very open to that idea.

Britney is one of the first actual life coaches I’ve ever met in person (I think I met another one, a male, at a previous networking event).  She was nice enough to offer some of her comments after hearing my motivational presentation based on The Life Champion In You as she said,

“I just attended Clint Cora’s amazing presentation.  He helped me feel energized and excited to revamp my life and make the best of the situation that come at hand. I recommend him to anyone …  if you have any time to come see Clint Cora, I would absolutely recommend his presentation.”

You can see Britney on video below.

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  • A Life Coach is sometimes very necessary so that we do not loose our way in our lives.“”

  • a life coach is sometimes needed if you sort of lost direction in your life.***

  • everyone needs a life coach, i often seek advice from old fellows which have more experience in life