Lessons From Japan Earthquake Tsunami Disaster

Japan Earthquake Tsunami Disaster

We can always learn a lot from many of the world events that take place around us.  I was going to air the next Motivational WebTV episode with the wheelchair athlete I interviewed but because of the Japan earthquake tsunami disaster (plus possible nuclear accident) and the surprising way the Japanese people are handling the situation over there with relative calmness or order with a high community spirit, I was motivated to quickly shoot a special video on it.

I think the way the Japanese people are conducting themselves with patience in the food lineups without looting the business is really something.  This of course is in complete contrast to what has happened in other disaster zones elsewhere in the world where looting of business, crime and violence does occur.   People usually end up fighting each other over food and water rations with an ‘everyone for him/herself’ attitude.

Japanese Tsunami Survivors Were Different

But the Japanese tsunami survivors were different from people in other disaster zones.  The question for us is why is this so and what can the rest of us learn from the Japanese people?  I think this has something to do with emotional intelligence and how the Japanese have been able to manage their emotions given such a high stressful situation.

Here’s the video I shot;

These people have inspired me in many ways because of the lack of disorderly conduct so far. I am very impressed and know that we can learn from them.

What do you think? How do you feel about the way the Japanese have conducted themselves so far? What do you think we can learn?

I would love to hear about your reactions to the Japanese people and this earthquake tsunami disaster in Japan.  A Japanese nuclear accident will of course also complicate things there.  Feel free to leave your comments below in Facebook or at my blog.

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I will resume my ‘regular’ programming next week when I will release the episode about the wheelchair athlete.  This will also be a very inspirational video and interview so don’t miss it.

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  • Rajendra

    Hi clint, you raised a nice topic. Japanese people are always become roll model in many fields. Those people are with high lavel of patience, dignity and self respects. Its a very stressfull circumstanses for japanese people. Thay are dealing it very calmly. Its A good lesson for all communities.

  • I think you are certainly right about their patience level Rajendra.

  • susan

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if the universe was actually using this example of human suffering to teach us the fruits of respect towards each other. After such a disaster its hard to believe that missle strikes are happening in other parts of the world.

  • Sandra Hepner

    Teamwork and self discipline seem to be part of their ethos…

  • Hendrina Muvindi

    This is all in the “Revelations book of the Bible” However,like the Israelites where chosen as tools to demonstrate God’s power and love, Japan has been chosen to demonstrate God’s power and love again”
    Luke 21v10-11″…….there will be great earthquakes,famines,pestilence in various places and fearful events and great signs from heaven” I believe Africa was one of the various places chosen to fulfill famines and pestilence, Japan and others are to fulfill the earthquakes.”Nation will rise against nation,kingdom against kingdom” is being fulfilled by the Islamic revolutions.
    May God find us favor and fight for us like the Israelites.

  • Patricia Taylor

    Patricia – I think the Japanese people were admirable and I wondered about their orderly behaviour, too. But I also acknowledge that they were prepared for the earthquake and tsunamie because of their geographic location and the fact that they practiced what to do in just such an event. Many natural disasters are not expected and certainly not prepared for in the way the people of Japan are prepared. So preparation, understanding and a disaster plan helped them in their hours of need. God bless them!

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