Interviewed On UK Motivational Stories Show

#motivational #motivation —  Coach Ian Scott is a professional life coach based in the UK and he has an audio podcast show filled with motivational stories called Conversations With Coach Ian Scott.  He’s got different guests on his show ranging from authors to business experts to personal development folks.  Ian’s podcast show also gets guests from all over the world which gives it an international flavour.

I had the good fortune of being a guest on his show recently and my interview with him turned into a 24 minute audio podcast that can be listened to online or downloaded from his podcast site.  See the webpage for Conversations With Coach Ian Scott when I was his guest interviewee.

I have been on a few similar interviews before and they are listed with audio clips as well at past radio interviews.  If you have never heard me on an interview and are interested in listening in on one, check out the one on Ian Scott’s show as it’s the most recent.  Quite, motivational stories are presented in an interview situation a bit differently than when they appear just in print.

In this interview, we end up not talking only about motivation but we also get a bit into diversity issues as well since I speak on both of these topics as part of my keynotes and seminars.

Speaking of interviews and guests, I’m actually going to start featuring a few guests on my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV show soon.  They will mostly be local unknown people who I find quite inspiring so do stay tuned for that.  It’s just another innovation on my online tv show that will put some more additional variety to the series as we release new episodes on a frequent basis.

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