International Connections Part Of Personal Growth

The leader of a seminar I attended this week told a story of how a connection he made with someone in Denmark through LinkedIn eventually resulted in him traveling to Russia to conduct a seminar there for small businesses.  He revealed that through these international connections, he learned a great deal.  Social media including LinkedIn and Facebook are great ways to make new connections with people worldwide and this can be a rewarding part of your own personal growth.  Learning about different cultures and even getting the opportunity to travel to foreign destinations as a result will always be great for personal growth.

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  • While this matter can be very tough for most people, my thought is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find. I do treasure that you’ve added relevant and rational commentary here though. Very much thanks to you!

  • I’ve done speaking engagements in Canada, US, Germany and Ireland so far. All international speaking events have been great for me as not only did I get a chance to positively impact a different audience I otherwise wouldn’t have had to chance to in my home territory, I also learned a great deal for my own personal development each time I went to another country.

    I’m also getting my books sold to new readers outside of North America as well which is a good thing too. It helps spread the key messages I want to take out there globally which hopefully will lead to more international interactions.


  • The internet, as old as it is, never ceases to surprise me. Look at this interesting find. There’s just so much to learn and so little time.

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