Inspirational Speaker Working Hard To Pump Out More Motivational Videos

Inspirational Speaker With Motivational Videos

This inspirational speaker is going to be shooting a third new episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV this week sometime this afternoon which will be a record for me. The most I’ve ever shot during one single week was two when I was in San Diego during my mini-speaking tour there. And for those two, I didn’t completely edit them during that week either but for this week, I’m actually going to try and completely edit all three episodes as well.

I started out with my first poolside episode earlier in the week followed by one in my home office using a few props. The third episode will also be indoors but will showcase some of my art collection at home to illustrate something about diversity.

After this third new episode, I will have a nice cushion of about five new episodes of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV waiting to be released online. I think that I feel quite comfortable with about a month’s worth of new motivational videos ahead of time.

Inspirational Speaker Poll Going Well

My poll about whether to turn my monthly Motivational Quotes Success Newsletter into a video is going nicely – thanks everyone for your votes. I will keep it open until the end of next week when I have to decide what to do for the September issue. If you haven’t yet cast your vote, just go to the text versus video post for details on what this was all about.

As for the videos, I’m still learning about shooting and editing as I produce these.  I know that sometimes I can do a bit better with the lighting or sound but hopefully at least the messages of each episode comes through okay.

I’m going to work hard to keep pumping out those motivational videos for you as we now have a global audience from over 30 different countries now watching.  Thanks so much everyone for watching and if you know others who can benefit from this inspirational speaker Motivational WebTV, please let them know about it.

inspirational speaker motivational videos
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kathleen Cavalaro

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