Inspirational Speaker Has More Inspirational Videos Coming

Inspirational Speaker Has More Videos

I’m planning to release episode number 10 of my inspirational speaker Motivational WebTV series on Monday morning before I leave for the airport to fly to southern California for my mini speaking tour.  The response to the episodes has been great and I thank you all for viewing.

I went back to add a link to all past episodes on each blog post that featured the past episodes.  This way, people can always get to a webpage that lists all the inspirational video clips from this series shot to date just in case any were missed or if people just want to see some of them again.

I plan to be releasing two new episodes each month from now on.  The Motivation Success Newsletter comes out at the beginning of each month (that was a link to all past issues) and I’m going to release the first episode of Motivational WebTV around day 10.  Then I’ll release another episode around day 20.  This way, you will get something new every 10 days or so.

This will be a good mix of both motivational text and inspirational video based resources each month on a regular basis.  They will all serve as great reminders of important success principles to help you achieve your own goals of course.

Inspirational Speaker To Shoot On Location In California

I already have in mind of some site locations that I want to shoot new inspirational speaker video footage from during my trip this coming week.  I definitely want to get a scene with the Pacific coast in the background.  I’m also planning to check out this decommissioned US Navy aircraft carrier that was turned into a floating museum in San Diego.  It would be really neat to get video footage on that aircraft carrier as well.

So stay tuned as there is a lot of interesting content coming your way in the form of both inspirational videos and newsletters.  If you are not receiving my monthly newsletter yet, just sign up at the sidebar of this blog or at the Free Stuff tab of my Facebook motivation page.

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