Inspirational Short Stories On Ancient Chinese Military – Motivational WebTV #51

Inspirational Short Stories

It’s said that we should try to think outside the box sometimes to solve various problems out there.  It turns out that doing this has been around for thousands of years already.  Here’s a neat episode of Motivational WebTV about some very inspirational short stories about what the ancient Chinese military did with a big problem they were having with one of their standard issue weapons for their foot soldiers.  I will be introducing you to the Chinese spear as my main prop for this very interesting video with a historical component.

Of course, like in other episodes of Motivational WebTV, I’ll be relating the inspirational short stories of the ancient Chinese military to what we can use for ourselves in today’s modern age.

Inspirational Short Stories Lead Into Chinese Spear Moves

At the end of the video, I’ll show you some actual moves with the Chinese spear itself since many of you probably have never seen this particular martial arts weapon before.  So there were be an entertainment component as well near the end of the video.

I’ve been meaning to do this particular episode for some time now with the Chinese spear since it is such an interesting prop for people to see.  Of course, I had to wait until the long Canadian winter was over first even though I did actually think about shooting it in the snow at one point.  However, I did eventually shoot this in the woods in the spring as you will see.

Here’s the episode for your entertainment and education.

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If you never watch my previous episode featuring my karate bo staff weapon and how it relates to personal development, catch it at Expanding Comfort Zone With Karate.  It is one of the favourite episodes among viewers so far.

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