Inspiration Video Or Inspirational Text Poll Neck to Neck

Thanks to everyone so far who cast their vote for my poll on whether I should continue my monthy newsletter as inspirational text or switch to an inspiration video episode of Motivational WebTV. So far the results are pretty well neck to neck with roughly equal numbers on each side!

I’m going to keep this poll open until next week to see if the end results sway to either side. Thanks to those of you who either emailed me back or posted a comment on my blog or Facebook page. In case you didn’t actually cast your vote in the official poll yet, please do so below even if you made a comment. After all, you do want your vote to count, right? 🙂

I will make sure that when the final results do come in, if there are significant numbers for all sides, I’ll find ways to accommodate everybody whether it’s inspiration video or inspirational text that will be the outcome.

So again, if you haven’t cast your vote yet through the polling system, please do so below.

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