Inspiration Quotes Added To Facebook Page

Inspiration Quotes

I’ve been seeing quite a lot of inspiration quotes on Twitter and have even contributed some myself as tweeks.  Many of these posted lines are pretty good and I would often retweek them right away in my Twitter account.

As an added value to my own motivational speaker fan page on Facebook, I will be adding some of these quotes I come across to this page on a regular basis.  So in addition to videos, press releases, articles, blog posts, alerts about my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV and other interesting stuff, inspiration quotes will become a regular sighting on the wall section of this Facebook page.

I believe that these inspirational lines are quite useful.  When I read them, I think about how they can be applied to my own life and whether they currently reinforce some of the actions I’m taking or will help me take on additional action steps to help me achieve my goals in life.  They are great reminders to help me keep on track more than anything else.

Since both this motivation diversity success blog as well as my motivational speaker Facebook page are designed to allow interaction, feel free to either post your own comments at the end of my blog posts or post comments right on the wall of my Facebook page.

If you haven’t been to my Facebook page yet, just click on the graphic on the blog sidebar on the left and it will take you there.  And while you are there, don’t forget to hit the Like button.   If you have others on Facebook who might also be interested, please let them know about this page.

Inspiration quotes help me in my life and I would like to do my part to share them with everyone else and my motivational speaker fan page on Facebook is yet another venue to do this.

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