Increase Diversity Awareness Through Art

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I’ve been attending various multicultural festivals pretty well each weekend all summer so far.  I do this in order to increase my own diversity awareness of other cultures.  One of the benefits of attending such festivals is that many of these events feature cultural art.  There are often exhibits of artwork that are quite distinct to different cultures.

Exposing oneself to lots of different art from different cultures is a great way to increase diversity awareness.  One can quickly learn to appreciate what others in the world have to offer through their artwork.

I was not an art lover while growing up.  In fact, I thought that art was rather boring.  But when I got exposed to multicultural art while in university, things began to change for me.  I began to see the beauty in different artwork and then the cultures behind them.

Even with North America, I find that there is so much art to appreciate while still in the multicultural arena.  I am a huge fan of Native art, especially the Northwest Native art from the Pacific coast and the Inuit art from Canada’s Arctic regions.

Through the artwork of these particular regions, I’ve became more interested and appreciative of the various indigenous aboriginal cultures of those regions.  I’ve become a collector of original Native art and have developed the Free Spirit Gallery website to further expose the general population to these genres.

In order to bring this type of diversity awareness into the social media realm, I’ve created the Free Spirit Gallery Blog and a Native Inuit Art Facebook page to help spread the word about the wonderful works by these talented Native artists.  On pretty well a daily basis, I post up new images of beautiful Northwest Native art and Inuit art to share with people who follow either the Facebook page or blog.

If you want to explore increasing your own diversity awareness through art, especially Native art, check out either the blog or Facebook page I’ve created for this.

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