Importance Of Diversity For Success In Motivational WebTV #5

Importance Of Diversity

Motivational WebTV episode 5 is up now and it’s the first one featuring the topic of the importance of diversity.  Diversity as you might know, is a hot topic in the HR circles and rightly so.  But this topic should also be important for your own success as well especially if you live and work in diverse communities.  I’ll be teaching diversity skills in this episode since they are important for achieving success in today’s world of global business and diversity.  I also added a bit of martial arts for added entertainment and fun.

In addition to being a motivational speaker, I also talk on the importance of diversity as a secondary topic.  Many individuals might not really care about diversity as a topic but many companies and organizations do.  This is the reason why my diversity talk called Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success is in demand out there.

In all honesty, I think individuals should start to care about diversity.  Many industrialized countries, especially in North America and Europe have become increasingly diverse over the years.  Global business also impacts those in other parts of the world which may not be as diverse so this area is also important for them.

Teaching The Importance Of Diversity

An understanding of what diversity is, the importance of diversity and how to be successful with it will only help us be successful in other parts of our lives if we live and deal in diverse environments.  This is why I’ve chose to feature diversity topics here on Motivational WebTV as well as other motivational topics.  Every few episodes in the future will likely have some type of diversity component.

Video On Importance Of Diversity

As always, feel free to enter your comments about his episode below, particularly since it’s the first one featuring the importance of diversity skills.

Missed any past episodes?  See them here at Motivational Videos TV.  If you think that others should be exposed to this video as I’m talking about the importance of diversity, please share it with them since this topic is very important in today’s working environment.

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  • Gobind Sharma

    Hello Clint:
    Excellent presentation on a current and relevant topic in our society.

    We have started a new lions club in Box Grove community in Markham. We expect it to be a most diverse club in one of teh most diverse municipalities in Ontario. I will sned details in email. Thanks for your support to lionism.
    Gobind Sharma
    Zone Chair, Lions International A-16 18W

  • Your Lions club has done a great job in doing projects involving other people from different backgrounds so it’s a positive example of diversity.

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