If You Need To Get Sources Of Life Motivation

Sources Of Life Motivation

As we are still early in the year of 2011, some of you might be searching for life motivation to help you have a banner year or at the very least, a much better year than last year in 2010. If this is the case, I would like to point you back to my very first episode of Motivational WebTV where I talked about the various sources of life motivation that I access.

We all need regular motivation to not only keep on track but to get over the bumps we run into in everyday life. There will be bumps this year whether you like it or not as we all experience them. This year will be no different as we will face challenges. But the success of your year in 2011 will depend on how you face those challenges.

You need a regular stream of life motivation to help you deal with these challenges and that’s where my first Motivational WebTV episode will help you. I reproduced it here in this blog post so you don’t have to go searching for this video.

Check it out and see which of the sources I use could help you as well. Then I would love to hear your comments about sources of life motivation below either in the Facebook or blog comments portion.

If you have additional sources of life motivation that I haven’t thought of yet, please do share them with others in the comments section. We are a community to share useful information with each other so we can all succeed.

Here’s the video that came out as my first ever Motivational WebTV episode on sources of life motivation.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Great Wall of Guyzimij

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