Here’s Help In Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrasination

The Motivational WebTV episode on an effective way to stop procrastination was very popular and this tells me that this is a topic of major interest among my readers and viewers.  In fact, when I ask my live audiences how many people have ever procrastinated, every person at my talks end up raising their hands, sometimes both hands!

I talk about what do to if you procrastinate during my full motivational keynote speeches and also cover this topic in detail in my book ‘The Life Champion In You‘.  I recognize that procrastination can significantly hamper one’s efforts to achieve success in life.

If you are always putting certain things off or aside in life, especially the major important tasks that you want to do in order to make any progress, then you will have to do something about overcoming procrastination.  Of course it’s no surprise that quite often, the things that you do put off are the unpleasant tasks that require real work.

A fine example is exercise in order to get in shape or lose weight.  Exercise is never an easy thing to do.  You end up sweating (if you exercise properly) and some people just don’t want to sweat.  We all recognize the great benefits of exercise but to actually do it is just too unpleasant for many people.

So we end up procrastinating as we tell ourselves that we will start a fitness program next month when things are not as busy.  Does this sound familiar?  Or we will start a savings program but not until we splurge on that flat screen TV that’s currently on sale.

Yes, we’ve all been there before.  So that’s why in addition to that Motivational WebTV episode, I’ve decided to write a full article on this topic just in case if you are one who tends to procrastinate a lot and could use some further insights into finally beating this habit for good.  See the article on overcoming procrastinating at my website.

overcoming procrastination
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