If Anybody Wants To Sell Drugs

I hope the title of today’s blog post got your attention! But let me clarify. Some of you know that I had a former long career in the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, out of my twenty years in corporate life, fourteen of those years were in pharmaceuticals. So I thought that I would put it out there that if any of my good readers wants to sell drugs and I mean the legal prescription kind, as a possible career, I do have a lot of resources for you.

In addition to totally separate websites including another blog and a Facebook page on pharmaceutical sales, I also produced a 30 minute online webinar on pharmaceutical sales careers that people can access.

However, having said all this, the webinar and my other websites on this field will NOT be of any interest to you unless you are interested in possibly pursuing a future career in pharmaceutical sales, ie., to sell drugs legally in the medical community.

But as I said, just in case if there is anybody out there who does fit into this category, I do have a lot of industry information that will be very helpful. I held various positions in the pharmaceutical industry starting out as a drug representative, then sales trainer, followed by product marketing manager and finally a national sales manager. It was in this last position that I was responsible for hiring, managing and training pharmaceutical sales reps.

This is why I can be such a valuable resource for anybody who wants to get into this industry especially if they are from other industry backgrounds or even straight out of college.

The first place to start will be to sign up for access to my online 30 minute webinar which of course is free. Go to Pharmaceutical Sales Careers Webinar to start your journey. Again, all of this will be of no interest unless you want to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales, ie., the webinar is NOT a motivational, personal development one!

pharmaceutical sales careers sell drugs drug representative

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