Ideas Welcome For Canadian Motivational Speakers Video Show

#motivational #motivation #canadian  —  I’m always accepting ideas for future episodes of my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV series.  If there’s anything that you would like to see me cover on my video show, just let me know either through the comments area of this blog post or at my Motivation Facebook page.  You can even email me through my Clint Cora Canadian Motivational Speakers website.

Even for those of you who have already read my book The Life Champion In You or listened to its audio version, if you think it would be cool to bring out certain parts of my book into life on motivational video, just let me know.  I’m going to take parts from both the book as well as my motivational and diversity talks into episodes of Motivational WebTV anyway but if there’s something that you would really like to see, let me know.

Since it’s normal for Canadian motivational speakers to want to share parts of life up here in Canada, I’ll try to include scenes with interesting backgrounds up here whenever I travel around.  Come to think about it, it would be neat to have a scene with Niagara Falls in the background since I’ll be passing through there later this month.

This would be of special interest to my international viewers but I’ll always try to shoot some scenes wherever I travel since the opportunities for interesting background for motivational video are endless.

By the way, for Canadian organizations looking specifically for Canadian motivational speakers, I’ve sort out the whole HST and GST mess.  The rates will depend on which province the speaking event is held in.  If you need clarification on how this works for your particular event in Canada, just let me know and I can help you on that.  There are additional benefits to using a Canadian speaker as well for events based within Canada and they are described at the previous link.

canadian motivational speakers

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