Human Resources Association On My Diversity Presentation

I received a nice note from Kim Voisin, the President of the Human Resources Professional Association of West Toronto.  This was the HR group I presented my diversity talk to last week.  Being human resources professionals, this group more or less ‘validated’ my diversity presentation since they are usually the most active group in a company on diversity issues.  Here’s the note.

“Clint, thank you for being our Keynote Speaker at our Annual General Meeting in January 2010.  Our AGM turnout is very high and it is an extremely important time of year where we update the membership with regards to what the Board of Directors have done the past 12 months.  Given the importance of this meeting it is essential that we have an interesting and stimulating speaker who can hold the audience’s attention, as the AGM tends to be longer than our usual monthly events.”

“Your presentation “Kick Down Diversity Barriers for Business and Personal Success” was excellent and was very well received. It was a thought provoking and captivating presentation that provided a fresh perspective on the subject. Your dynamic delivery spiced by a bit of humor kept the audience engaged.”

“We were impressed by your passion & enthusiasm and found your talk quite inspirational.  We are confident that the audience went home with new ideas and strategies to develop and apply their diversity skills both at work and in their personal lives. Once again, thank you very much for your interesting and enthusiastic presentation.”

Kim Voisin CHRP, President
Human Resources Professional Association of West Toronto

This of course has been added to my collection of other written testimonials from companies and organizations who have heard me speak.

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