Human Diversity At Native Pow Wow Festivals Motivational WebTV #50

Human Diversity At Native Pow Wow

As you might know, I always try to improve my own diversity skills to be more effective in today’s diverse working environment and today I’m going to show you another example of how I do this.  Here’s another great example of human diversity that I would like to show everyone in this new episode of Motivational WebTV.  But get ready for some loud native drums as I take you to some of the aboriginal native pow wow festivals I’ve attended.  I just love going to these so called pow wows because of all the native dancing and drums.

The drums put people at a very high state of mind and the video footage here itself doesn’t do the real thing any true justice.  But at least it will give you a good idea of what native pow wows are like.  Too bad such an atmosphere is too crazy for my Lhasa Apso dogs as I would love to take them to these but they would probably freak out with all the drums.  This will certainly be a real treat for folks who are overseas and have never really been exposed to much native American culture.

Human Diversity Within Own Country

Many countries have indigenous cultures and unfortunately, quite often these groups are ignored by the general population especially if these groups are quite small in population.  This is a real shame and I would highly suggest that if you do have any indigenous communities within your country, do spend some time to research them as these often rich cultures have a lot to offer in terms of exposing yourself to human diversity.

Here is the video with the native pow wow drums and dancing.  More videos on Native American Culture are available.

Human Diversity Articles

I have quite a few human diversity articles that you are more than welcome to explore as well as details on my diversity presentations should you need a diversity speaker at your organization.  This is a hot topic since diversity is on the rise in many business environments.

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  • Hanna S Larsen

    Thank you so much for sharing this…this is real Awesome..
    I have never seen this for real, but i am lucky that im going to Farmington N.M late sept this year,so im going to see the 100 Fair in Shiprock and the Pow Wow,i am realy looking forward to it.
    I have always had a strong feeling towards Native, there way of living and there culture,so now i will finaly expere some of it…
    Thank you again..

  • Yes, it’s really quite a show when you are there in person. You really feel the energy! Have a great trip later this year.

  • kathleen

    This was nice..but a person really has to FEEL what they are saying in these dances..I do. It is part of my heritage and Really the Earths as well..thank you for putting this up.