Huge Discussion Last Night On Motivation Theories

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I did my motivational presentation to a very lively group last night in midtown Toronto and there was a lot of discussion oon motivation theories.  One person asked me whether it’s better pursue personal growth alone or with help from others.

One of the things I highly advocate is to get in with other motivated people.  Although we can certainly achieve many of our goals by ourselves, we will find that some of our other goals, especially the challenging ones, will require help from others either directly or indirectly.

People with more expertise in areas that we want to achieve in can help us.  Highly motivated people indirectly can also help keep us motivated and inspired as well.  We all need motivation on a regular basis (yes even me).  So that’s why it’s important to enlist the help other others who are liked minded to help us achieve in our personal growth efforts.  This is one of the most important motivation theories that we should pay attention to.

I told this individual who asked this interesting question during the general Q&A portion of my motivational talk.  As far as which particular goals need group efforts rather than solo, it depends on each individual.  Every person is different so each goal will be different as well.  It is up to each individual to determine which of his or her goals can be accomplished alone and which ones should require more active assistance from others who are qualified to do so.

Getting the right people to help you is important.  In many cases, you will unfortunately not find the right type of highly motivated people to help you among friends or relatives.  You will likely need to go outside your present social circle.  This brings us to yet another key point from the motivation theories bag.  Going outside one’s social circle is also an exercise in comfort zone expansion, which I talk about a lot during both my motivational talks as well as in my book, The Life Champion In You.

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