How Will You Motivate Employees For 2011?

If 2010 Was A Tough Year For Business

For most companies and home businesses, 2010 was a year that showed some signs of recovery but we are certainly not in the clear in terms of recession just yet.  If 2010 was a tough year for business, how will you do things different in 2011?  If sales were hurt, how will your marketing change in the next year to stop the losses?

You might think about expanding markets or different products or services.  You might want to control costs better to cut unnecessary expenditures that were not really contributing to the bottom line.  You might want to streamline processes in your business so that efficiency is increased.

If Your Employees Were Affected In 2010

If the recession affected your company in a way that employees were cut (and even if nobody’s jobs were lost), how will you motivate your employees in 2011?  Morale in the company might have suffered and in the case of seeing their colleagues cut, this morale would be at an all time low.

Each time there are job losses, morale among the job survivors are low despite their own positions being spared.  I’ve seen this many times even in previous recessions.  My first pharmaceutical company cut 25% of the sales force and this affected the remaining pharmaceutical sales representatives so much that many of them boycotted the annual Christmas dinner party.

Business Speaker With Ideas To Motivate Employees In 2011

If you missed my previous Clint Cora Motivational WebTV episode on motivating company staff, here it is again since there are some ideas that you might be able to use in your own organization for 2011.

Of course, I’m also available as a motivational business speaker to come and help you in this regard to charge up your people for the upcoming year.  That’s what I’m good at as you can see at the numerous business speaker testimonials I’ve received.

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