Tutorial On How To Use Google Reader To Track Blogs – Motivational WebTV #46

Google Reader To Track Blogs Tutorial

You might recall that in the very first episode of Motivational WebTV, I talked about blogs as a great source of motivation and education.  But as you know, especially if you already do follow quite a few different blogs, it can be very time consuming to go into each separate blog to see what’s new.  So in this episode of Motivational WebTV, I’m going to show you how I use Google Reader to track blogs in a quick video tutorial.

This new episode will be very instructional as I show you my computer screen exactly what I do with Google Reader, which is a free program from Google you can access online.

You will see that Google Reader helps me quickly scan what’s new in all the blogs I follow which numbers over 40 different blogs in different topic areas now.  And my list keeps growing as I discover new blogs out there so this program is a real useful tool.

I go into my Google Reader on a daily basis now and it’s so quick and convenient to see everything new in a single screen.

Instructional Video Tutorial On How To Use Google Reader

So unlike my other Motivational WebTV videos where they were motivational in nature, this show will be more like a software tutorial.  You can take Google Reader as a tool to help you keep inspired in a way then if you include motivational blogs.

Here’s the video tutorial on how to use Google Reader and RSS feeds;

If you know others who could benefit with the use of Google Reader, please share this video tutorial with them. There are buttons on the blog post to easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and by email. All past episodes are at my Motivational WebTV Archive.

Feel free to leave your comments at the Facebook or blog comments section too.  I hope you decide to add my blog into your Google Reader or any other similar program out there for tracking blogs.

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