How To Get Discount On Professional Development Seminars In Toronto GTA

#professionaldevelopment #gta #toronto  —  One of the ways that I can help Toronto GTA organizations and companies get a discount on my Professional Development Seminars is if the company agrees to take over one of the preparation tasks.  In my full day action planning seminar based on my book The Life Champion In You, all participants get a 60 page binder that serves as an Action Planner they work through all day.

Normally, I prepare enough of these Action Planner binders in advance and bring them to the seminar.  As you can imagine, it’s a big job especially if there will be a lot of participants.  For example, if it’s 50 people who will be attending a full day seminar of mine, it will be 50 binders each with 60 pages and dividers I have to produce in advance.  I have to either bring all of these binders to the seminar or ship them in advance.

If organizations are willing to take over the production of these Action Planner binders for my Toronto GTA professional development seminars scheduled for them, I will be willing to offer a discount from my usual seminars fee.  I simply send the pages template of my 60 page Action Planner to the organizers and they make enough copies for all attendees in advance as well as bring them to the seminar location.

Most companies and organizations have photocopying facilities anyway so it wouldn’t be hard for inhouse production of my Action Planner binder for the professional development seminars I do for them.  I would be most willing to allow companies to take this task of producing the binders off me in return for a discount.

Since training and meeting budgets are tight these days, this is just one way that I could work with companies to help them bring in high quality professional development seminars for their people at a cost that will possibly fit their budgets.

Oh by the way, of course such discounts are offered for companies and organizations elsewhere besides the Toronto GTA area as well.  This will help eliminate shipping of binders in advance too.  For more details on my Professional Development Seminars, just go to my website or click on the links in this blog post.

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  • Thanks for sharing this one!

  • You are welcome – anything I can do to help out companies save a bit on training or meeting costs.