How I Help Others With Former Pharmaceutical Sales Career

Former Pharmaceutical Sales Career

Competing in martial arts internationally on a regular basis, was an expensive activity for me.  With major tournaments each month requiring hotels, flights, meals and tournament fees, I had to find ways to fund these expenses during these competition years.  Fortunately, I was able to while working in a pharmaceutical sales career.

Yes, that’s right, yours truly Karate World Champion Clint Cora funded his martial arts activities by selling drugs!  But of course it’s the legal prescription ones, not the illegal street drugs.  For many years, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry first in pharmaceutical sales rep jobs or being a drug rep as they are sometimes known.

Drug reps would visit doctors and other medical professionals to update and convince them to prescribe their company’s products for their patients.  This is a high level form of corporate sales.  The money was very good and the job had many perks included as it is a very specialized field.

I progressed to being a sales trainer, product marketing manager and finally a national sales manager actively managing other pharmaceutical sales reps.

Helping Others Get A Pharmaceutical Sales Career

After a long fourteen year career in the industry while I competed in martial arts at the same time, I decided to retire from the corporate world.  One of my post-corporate activities now is to help others who want to get into this industry.  I manages a Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs blog where I sometimes writes about the industry.  I also produced a webinar all about a pharmaceutical sales career.  This webinar is an excellent primer for those new to the industry.

This webinar discusses what the field is all about as well as the qualifications required for it and what hiring district sales managers would be looking for in candidates.  It is highly recommended that anybody who is interested in this professional field should go through this free webinar.  For much more details, go to Pharmaceutical Sales Career Webinar.

And yes, I am also available as a corporate business motivational speaker for pharmaceutical companies.

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