How Canadian Motivational Speaker Talks About Wellness

Canadian Motivational Speaker Wellness

As a motivational speaker, I was talking to a police force about the possibility of bringing my motivational keynote into one of their programs for staff and interestingly enough, it was through the internal wellness department.  I never did think about this specific area before but it does make sense.  This is a Canadian police force and they want to bring in a Canadian motivational speaker to talk about a topic within their overall wellness program for employees.

My motivational talk aims to help people with their goals in life as well as to overcome life challenges they may experience.  A benefit from doing what is recommended in my talk certainly contributes to a person’s overall well being and therefore would certainly fit in with a wellness program.

I just never considered that term before but when I think about it, my speaking programs can be about wellness and certainly a part of the self help field.  Making contributions to people’s wellness or well being is a wonderful thing to do.

Motivational Speaker Helping Canada

As a Canadian motivational speaker, I do have the opportunity to help out many areas even within Canada that can benefit greatly from my motivational talks in terms of wellness.  There are many towns in slumps with significant economic problems that probably never get visits from Canadian motivational speakers like myself.  Being exposed to important messages for success can probably help revive the spirits of the people in such towns.

Of course, there are many places globally that could benefit as well.  It’s just a matter of connecting up all the logistics to make such visits happen in order for people who really need wellness programs exposure, to benefit.

So looks like I’m going to have to include the term ‘wellness’ into my Canadian motivational speaker vocabulary when talking about my programs and resources from now on.

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